inHEART 3D Cardiac Modeling Software Solution Now Available In Italy

June 14, 2022 – Cambridge, MA, Bordeaux, France, and Florence, Italy – inHEART, a privately-held medical device company delivering the world’s most sophisticated digital twin of the heart, announced today that it is partnering with medical device supplier, Medical Horizons S.r.l, to deliver the inHEART 3D cardiac modeling software solution to heart centers across Italy.

“At Medical Horizons, we are focused on delivering the next generation of medical technology to the Italian healthcare market, and the inHEART solution is truly the future of cardiac imaging and visualization,” stated Guido Osti, CEO of Medical Horizons. “We look forward to bringing this novel platform to physicians and cardiac arrhythmia patients across Italy.”

The inHEART solution aims to address many of the challenges of conventional VT ablation with its proprietary segmentation algorithm that analyzes preprocedural CT and/or MR images to create highly detailed, interactive 3D models of the heart. This information allows physicians to optimize treatment strategies based on each patient’s unique cardiac anatomy and supports pre-procedural planning and seamless integration into all major electroanatomic mapping (EAM) systems.

“Our partnership with Medical Horizons is an important milestone in expanding our commercial footprint in Europe,” said Todor Jeliaskov, President and CEO of inHEART. “Medical Horizons’ expertise in the Italian healthcare sector makes them an excellent partner as we focus on our mission of making world-class cardiac imaging and modeling available to physicians and arrhythmia patients around the world.”

To learn more, visit Medical Horizons and inHEART at the upcoming AIAC National Congress in Bologna, Italy on June 16 - 17, 2022 in booth 2.

About Medical Horizons

Medical Horizons was created to identify medical innovations worldwide that had the potential to become innovative new products and then develop their commercialization with the most selected Italian sales network. Medical Horizons’ expertise includes understanding the commercial interest that innovative devices will have for the Italian market so to ensure that these products will meet the perceived need of prospective acquirers. For more information, please visit

About inHEART

inHEART is committed to delivering the world’s most sophisticated, AI-enabled, digital software twin of the heart to advance the care of patients living with cardiac disease. We believe all patients deserve access to world-class expertise that guides and optimizes treatment strategies to support improved clinical outcomes and return patients to full, healthy lives. For more information, visit

Media Contact – Medical Horizons
Guido Osti
Medical Horizons
+ 0039 335 69.25.021

Media Contact - inHEART
Jodi Lamberti
SPRIG Consulting

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